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Susan Vanden Bos

Board Member

I’m excited to be joining the TRC Board this year (2020). A dear friend of mine and former TRC board member, Scott Sanders, inspired me to join. He told me remarkable stories of the great work the organization has done for so many people. While we lost Scott late last year to cancer, I would like for his legacy to continue through my efforts. I have big shoes to fill.

My personal background includes a deep love for horses. Having grown up in Southern California and living in a neighborhood that had horse properties and many people with horses, at an early age, I developed a special kinship for the big creatures. My sister started off with the interest and I followed suit (I am five years younger) than her. We politely or not so politely begged our parents to buy us a horse. The first response was absolutely no followed by many more no responses. After continually begging, pleading and some heartfelt tears, our Dad acquiesced. We bought a great quarter horse mare named, Rena. She was a retired barrel racer with a hock injury and perfect for trail riding and light showing. I took to riding immediately and treasured every moment while my sister quickly lost interest once she started high school and boys became more important.  It worked out perfectly for me, more time riding.

Rena passed away at twenty-five and I was junior in college; it unequivocally, broke my heart.  At that time, I decided I would not get involved in horses again. Actually, that held true until my mid-thirties. My husband and I moved to Huntington Beach and bought our first home. One day driving in HB, I discovered the Equestrian Center and what a delight I had discovered!

Fast forward a year a year or so after taking lessons with a few trainers at the Eq Center, I found my perfect quarter horse gelding, Buckshot. I got him twelve years ago and he is now twenty-four years old! We have had some amazing years together.  

Professionally, I am a Human Resource/Leadership Development Leader working the past twenty years in the Aerospace and Defense Industry. I design, develop, lead and coach leaders on how to be impactful leaders with their teams, colleagues and customers.  I love my job because I have so many opportunities to work with really bright people and see their skills develop and grow before my eyes.

I look forward to sharing my passion of horses and leadership development with the TRC board.  I am extremely excited to be a part of an amazing organization and one that you can truly see the difference that is made in the lives of so many people seeking hope and opportunity. Being a special part of this organization warms my heart.